Privacy Policy

Here’s a quick rundown about what we do with your data.

In short … we don’t do much with your data at all.

We (hope to one day) pay our bills using a little advertising on the site. So to do that we let potential buyers know how many visitors we get. Would you advertise on a site that gets 10 users? No? Neither would we. So basically we say things like “We have X numbers of registered user”. And they go “That’s way cool, yes we’ll advertise on your badass site”.

We’re mean and we don’t share your data.

No one gets your email address. No one gets to know anything about you. Sorry don’t take it personally but you are just a number literally in our system. We do use your email address to send you the occasional message but only if you let us when you signed up.

Google Analytics is installed on this site.

It can track certain stuff such as what platform you visited our site from. Yes it’s a little creepy, but it helps us build a better site for you. Plus it gives us an excuse not to build for <IE8 because we can see nobody is using it (Phew!). In the future if it got way nasty we’d stop using it. We value our privacy as much as you do.

That’s pretty much it.

If anything changes we’ll post it here. In plain english. Because legalese is no fun, and lawyers are expensive. If you got any beef with any of this please email us. Canada is not a litigious society, let’s keep it that way.

(†) Badass – To be a dude. To be cool. Rad & Narly with a sprinkling of danger.
(‡) Beef – Upset about something, like asking for a Pecan Maple Danish and them being sold out.