Creative Interviews


I prefer to use the term commercial artist. In many ways, this encapsulates both design and illustration, and I don’t think I could ever simply be one or the other. In my thinking, I am a designer. In my feeling, my intuition, I am an illustrator.


I love print and all the joys that come from holding a printed object in my hands.

Weaymouth Creative

Building a brand from the ground-up is always exciting especially when you can integrate it across various platforms…


I’m more confident in who I am and what and how I draw. I guess I also understand things now in a way that only comes from having done a lot of work and experiences with people and situations.


I was first exposed to design through music—which remains a constant source of inspiration to my work and my life in general…

Sago Sago

We purposefully design apps that are fun and satisfying for boys and girls. As a parent it drives me crazy when I go to the toy store and everything is divided into boys and girls sections


I practiced and experimented over and over and over and still do. It’s something I continue to work at and develop my skills in, challenging myself along with way.

Underline Studio

We believe that to reach a level of success in this market you need to first work for very good designers while treating this work experience as an apprenticeship…

Facebook (formerly at Teehan + Lax)

You want to launch with the thing that is your product’s core value, that thing you can do better than anyone else, and then you add to that.

Hambly Woolley

… we are a studio of personalities and passions. We are design focused, and of the 13 people in the company, nine of us are designers …

Polyester Studio

Bob and I started the studio for the same reason a lot of creatives start their own shop. We felt we could do a better job than some of the places we worked previously and wanted to have more say in the type of work we did…

Parcel Design

Because we believe that a brand lives in the subtext, we challenge ourselves to ensure we are always reflecting on our own subtext—the undercurrent that influences everything we do and why we do it…


I’ve been full time independent since 2005. Before that I worked at an agency in England after my master’s. The first professional thing I did was for the Halifax Chronicle Herald which was an illustration about aids in Africa…