Canadian Design Affordability

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    The current exhange rate is approx

    $1.00 USD

    $1.28 CAD

    Canadian design services are world class. And right now they are more affordable than ever to our neighbors down south. With a weak Loonie (yes that’s what we call our dollar) you can get some of the best talent available at great prices. Zero language barriers and quick commute times to most major cities makes doing business with Canadian designers & studios a no-brainer.

    See what this country has to offer. Take a browse around this site to find some top creative talent.

    Flight Times

  • NYCToronto1½ hrs
  • NYCMontréal1½ hrs
  • NYCOttawa1½ hrs
  • NYCQuébec City1½ hrs

  • ChicagoToronto1½ hrs
  • ChicagoMontréal2 hrs
  • ChicagoOttawa1¾ hrs
  • ChicagoWinnipeg2½ hrs

  • SeattleVancouver1 hr
  • SeattleCalgary1¾ hrs
  • SeattleEdmonton2 hrs

  • BostonToronto2 hrs
  • BostonMontréal1¼ hrs
  • BostonOttawa1¾ hrs
  • BostonHalifax1¼ hrs
  • Designers in Canada are well versed with dealing with large to small businesses. We've had our fair share of business behemoths such as Bombardier, Blackberry as well as major sporting franchises. Canada's design prowess has helped us to successfully host no fewer than three Olympic Games. On top of this Canada has a thriving computer games industry and startup culture.

    If you need a starting point browse our site to see some excellent work. You can also reach out to the RGD or the GDC – both associations will provide you with a reliable talent pool. Alternatively the Toronto Design Directory lists pretty much every agency in Toronto.

    Happy Hunting (eh!).

    Exchange rate figure updated daily.