heythere.ca is a website dedicated to Canada’s best creative talent. We talk to them about their work, their studios, freelance life etc. The good, the great and the sublime. We’ll get specific details on some noteworthy projects and well as learning the process to make it all happen.

We hope to talk to all manners of people operating in a creative industry – Graphic Designers, Type Designers, Illustrators, Motion Designers etc. We want to make this endeavour representative of all of Canada, not just Ontario specific. We want to promote the wonderful talent this country has to offer. If there is more conversation around design and the creative industries then they tend to flourish. Let’s start talking.

The Site

It still under on-going development. The mobile version of the site is still being refined and no doubt you will find the odd bug. If you find a one please let us know. The site has been developed to run on newer browsers so on older machines things might break. But this is what the internet is great for right? It’s ever-changing. Continually improving. Something we hope to do.

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