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Raymond Biesinger – HeyThere
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Raymond Biesinger

We’ve had a run of illustrators over the last little while and … it’s going to continue with the fantastic work of Raymond Biesinger. Raymond works out of Montréal and he boasts an impressive client list. He’s done work for Wired, The New Yorker, The New York Times, Real Simple and the Financial Times.

A distinct feature of Raymond’s work is his geometric forms and muted colour palettes. He also distorts figures in a cubist manner bring a freshness to mundane subject matters. He rarely employs perspective which makes his work very recognizable. Any sense of depth is illustrated using heavy deep textured blacks. Raymond has a knack for infographic pieces and pieces that communicate a story or process. Each piece is rich in content and concept.

We would gladly hang any of these pieces on our walls, and we can… Raymond sells prints over on his store – check it out.










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