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Kirsten McCrea – HeyThere
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Kirsten McCrea

Kirsten McCrea first got her start on the streets of Montreal, making collaborative, large-scale murals in the city’s streets. Nowadays, she works from Toronto. She’s been featured at Toronto’s AGO, Montreal’s Musée des Beaux Arts, The Globe and Mail and The National Post to name a few.

Her work is often line-based, small contours creating intricate, whimsical illustrations that are far more than the sum of their parts. The shapes are simple but the results complex, the colours well-chosen and often sharply contrasting. Her materials of choice are ink and pen, but her illustrations have found their way into the digital space. However, the undercurrent of street art, collaboration, and engagement runs through all of her work, especially so when her Ampersand finds its way back into the streets of Montreal to remind those who see it that they are not alone.














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