Ian Turner

Ian Turner is an illustrator who studied history before attending art school. As his former professor, I found he had a rare maturity and respect for content. He did great on his assignments and was open to constructive criticism. So when he left school, I ended up bringing him aboard several larger projects of my own. He continued to excel. And he kindly mentions them also on his website. We even travelled to Boston together to collaborate on a project led by Concrete. Ian has since worked at a brewery and made beer labels for Amsterdam. He particularly likes working with the Brew Masters because they’re craftsmen. Now once again, Ian is available for freelance work.



The Great Lakes.



For an editorial piece on gleefully busy retirees. For Reader’s Digest Canada.

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Gig poster for The Burning Hell.



These are Ian’s hockey friends from his youth, “Hoser’s Heroes” there’s a delightful note about them on his website. 

sweetwater squeeze poster - 2


Aside from being nice and talented, Ian is also capable—if you’re interested, of regaling you with fascinating tales. A favourite of mine was the one about Scottish “ghost armies” using bagpipe echoes in the glens to trick the English. Other topics of discussion you may wish to ask him about; Canada, ice-hockey, canoe trips, the maple leafs, and famous knights.

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